Numbers Stations books

Anyone know where I can find/get:
  • Underground Frequency Guide: A Directory of Unusual, Illegal, and Covert Radio Communications by Donald W. Schimmel
  • Secret Signals: The Euronumbers Mystery by Simon Mason
  • Uno DOS Cuatro: A Guide to the Number Stations by Havana Moon
  • Intercepting Numbers Stations by L. Pierce
Everywhere I've looked shows the big goose egg. Such a fascinating subject, yet I can't find anything about it except for The Conet Project which I already have.

pardon two not-so-weird novice questions, please

I'm going to be recapping a Hallicrafters S-120 boatanchor with classic "hot chassis" and hum problems. First, I want to ask if there's any reason besides cost, collector "original" value, and space, to not permanently add an isolation transformer beyond the testing & repair phase. I use this in my music studio as a sound source and as a weird processor (via my RF generator -> antenna connection) and it would be nice to eliminate concerns of nasty voltages while on creative autopilot. The S-120's rear panel is ugly & worn cardboard, so it wouldn't be much to find a way to accommodate a transformer (wrapped in copper/aluminum tape?). Secondly, I'm wondering if this at $36 be appropriate, insufficient, or overkill for the job. Thanks.

V2a Transmission


I regularly monitor numbers station transmissions, and here is my latest reception from V2a, the presumably Cuban DGI station. I have a large log of receptions, and will share them with anyone interested. I include only the header as the body of the transmission will not be decoded.  The header contains the agent designator and the code header for decryption.


Freq.    9240 am
Designation  V2a
Date  07.10.10
Time utc 1000   
Header   Atencion  01731  81325  74713    

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Motorola DTR review - Gonzo style

The first warning I heard was Rambo asking Jimmy Dean "Want me to play
'Bubba Shot the Jukebox'?" Looking like a more worn version of Willie
Nelson, Rambo is a feral, slightly unhinged Army veteran of both
Vietnam and Desert Storm. He's really useful at getting broken
equipment working again in the field, and when you need a bodyguard
when visiting such entertaining locales as Hartford and Bridgeport. At
any other time he's best kept out of sight of the customers. He was in
a foul mood today as he was getting sued by the families of a group of
Norwalk youths who thought he was a homeless person when they tried to
assault him. The police dropped the charges as it was five against one
and self-defense, even if three of them are still in a coma. He was
just finishing up his lunch with a copy of Edward Abbey's The Monkey
Wrench Gang, and listening to The Doors on his Ipod at a volume that
would bring Jim Morrison back from the dead. Having been exposed to
too many loud noises while serving his country, Rambo needs to crank
his Ipod's volume up full bore despite having the earbuds jammed so
far into his auditory canal that Jacques Cousteau couldn't find them.
Jimmy, not being the brightest of bulbs, made the mistake of telling
Rambo "Yea, that's a good song." That's when I dived over the
workbench, as Rambo was in the process of pulling his .45 out from his
toolbox in an attempt to silence Jimmy's annoying noise source. Afraid
that the round would overpenetrate the boombox and fly off to hit some
innocent person or piece of test equipment, I knock Rambo off his
chair, and wrestle the .45 out of his hands while he's cursing at me
in Vietnamese.

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Radio St. Helena test transmission - TODAY!

Radio St. Helena will broadcast today from 1900 to 2100 UTC on 11092,5 kHz USB. I have no any information about antenna direction for this test transmission. Here is information from russian SWL/DX site

Please be advised that another Test Transmission on 11092.5 KHz USB will take place from Radio St Helena on Tuesday 17th July around 7pm GMT for about 2 hours approximately.

Laura Lawrence (Miss)
Radio Station Manager
Radio St Helena

The DSWCI strongly advises you to check this new test on Jul 17 around 1900-2100 UTC and sent your reception report to the above mentioned e-mail address. Please note that R St. Helena has not promised QSL's on this test.

Instead, the DSWCI again is going to support this additional test by issuing our 50 years anniversary QSL-Card on all correct reception reports (i.e copies of those sent directly to the station), if sent to: Anker Petersen, Udbyvej 11, DK 2740 Skovlunde, Denmark with enclosed return postage of 1 IRC (valid until Dec 2009), 1 USD or 1 Euro.

Is this allowed?

Considering that there has been NO activity in this comm for months now, I thought I'd provide a log for a numbers station I heard this afternoon. If it's not OK, feel free to delete. However, I think it would be better than nothing. I'll put it behind a cut, just in case.

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