November 5th, 2007

pardon two not-so-weird novice questions, please

I'm going to be recapping a Hallicrafters S-120 boatanchor with classic "hot chassis" and hum problems. First, I want to ask if there's any reason besides cost, collector "original" value, and space, to not permanently add an isolation transformer beyond the testing & repair phase. I use this in my music studio as a sound source and as a weird processor (via my RF generator -> antenna connection) and it would be nice to eliminate concerns of nasty voltages while on creative autopilot. The S-120's rear panel is ugly & worn cardboard, so it wouldn't be much to find a way to accommodate a transformer (wrapped in copper/aluminum tape?). Secondly, I'm wondering if this at $36 be appropriate, insufficient, or overkill for the job. Thanks.