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Hello Everyone

I just joined this community and in time, could share quite a bit, I am an avid radio enthusiast, and i enjoy every aspect of radio, which includes shortwave radio, ameteur radio etc. I myself do a radio show at a local college station and enjoy broadcasting on the air. I look forward to hearing from some of you, the radio station where i do a show is WCNI, New London, CT 90.9 FM and I'm on every wednesday from 12noon-3pm on the east coast. You can stream the station on your computer at www.wcniradio.org

A favorite shortwave station of mine is WBCQ in Maine, has anyone heard of it, it's probably the last bastion of free form radio left, aside from WCNI. Hope to hear from some of you soon, bye for now,,,Bob
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Arrrrgh, mateys!

I am interested in picking up pirate radio stations on shortwave, but my Kaito KA1102 is not capable of doing that. I noticed that most pirates operate on lower sideband, upper sideband, or AM mode. Does anybody know of a good priate receiver in particular or any sites that offer them for sale? Any help is appreciated.

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Stephen P. McGreevy - Electric Enigma: The VLF Recordings of Stephen P. McGreevy [ird062] (0)

Electric Enigma is a double album on which California-based artist Stephen P. McGreevy has documented recordings he made of Natural Radio - electromagnetic emissions in the very-low-frequency band caused by massive discharges and their after-effects in lightning storms and by the solar wind buffeting the earth's magnetic field, visible as Aurora Borealis and Australis. It would normally take long wires to pick up these emissions, which would hamper the mobility of a listener or recordist.

McGreevy developed a portable receiver with a whip antenna, allowing him to travel to places with optimal recording conditions - that is, anywhere in temperate to polar zones, but away from urban settlement and power cables. He further improved the unit by transforming it from a hand-held device to one that he could mount on his camper, so that he did not need to brave adverse weather conditions in order to make his recordings. The material on Electric Enigma was all recorded with the newer design.

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If anyone is bored and likes making promo banners and stuff like that, can you make one for this community? I want to put one on my user info page, but I suck at making those. Thanks!
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Number stations

After reading all this stuff about number stations, and me being editor of the newsletter for my club, I am going to be writing an article about number stations.

If any of you have audio clips, feelings, thoughts, or info about them, it would be greately appreciated. You will get credited for any credible info you give me.
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Update on Mystery Number Station

Okay, an update on my last post. Earlier I mentioned that frequency 6739 at 0300 was broadcasting some unusual stuff that was, indeed, number code. Since then I've heard it almost every night this week, making recordings on my MP3 player/recorder.

For starters, like I said, this is a live reading of code. With the exception of one message (more on that later), the format is :

"7L (4 more characters), stand by. 7L (4 more charaters), stand by. 7L (4 more characters), stand by. Message follows. 7L (prior four characters) (23 character message). I say again : 7L (prior four characters) (23 character message). This is (Alpha? Office? I can never make it out), out. :: tone noise ::"

The voice seems to change each time I listen to it -- I've so far heard two different men and two different women. click here for one of the guys, or here for a woman broadcasting earlier this week. Time falls somewhere between 0300 and 0430.

Conversations can be heard being had on this station as well. See this particular clip, which seems to imply military ties, or here, where someone tries to get a copy. Also "testing" happens quite frequently.

I'm still not too sure WHAT to make of all of this, but you know at 10PCDT tonight, I'll be sitting by the radio with my recorder trying to get them again.
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